The Letter Black

Breaking the Silence

Dive deep into the music of this American Christian Rock Band, which is sure
to rock your world and create a fun party atmosphere for you.

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The Letter Black is a rock band that used to be recognised as Breaking the Silence. It is a Christian rock band from Uniontown, Pennsylvania, started in 2006. The band comprises lead singer Sarah Anthony, her husband and singer Mark Anthony, bassist Matt Beal, and drummer William Fowler.

The Letter Black is excited that fans around the world are enjoying their latest self-titled album

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Community Fair And Festival

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The Letter Black LIVESTREAM

Get a chance to listen to your favourite The Letter Black rock band who will play their latest songs live in front of you.

Song of the Day: The Letter Black - Believe

Listen to one of their most well-known songs by a female-fronted rock band that will
blow your mind with their meaningful tune and lyrics. If you like them so much get a few large metal letters of the band to put on your wall.

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